Best Professional Vocal Remover Audio Examples

Vogone® 3.50 Vocal Removal Software Examples


Below you can hear 8-seconds of 13 examples Note: The first song may take 10-20 seconds to start playing.

      1) Original songs with no processing
      2) Vogone vocal remover processed ($59.99)
      3) LTSound vocal eliminator processed (VE3 was $1,999; VE4 is $2,699).


As you will hear, MTU's Vogone preserves more music with less vocals... much better to sing with. Since 1977, MTU has provided numerous software upgrades for our vocal remover customers. (Read Testimonials)

LTSound claims to make the "Only serious Vocal Eliminator", so we give you side-by-side comparisons. A professional musician who has used his LTSound VE3 product for years created these files.

Oh yes... the LTSound VE4 at $2,695.00 costs 45 times more than Vogone at $59.99. They claim to provide software upgrades, but owners cannot find them as seen on their web site and in a testimonial given to MTU.

Note: Listen closely to the VE3 examples. We find them aurally confusing as the tracks seem to switch back and forth.

Note: The first song may take 10-20 seconds to start playing.

All Vocals Removed
Before You Accuse Me
Breaking Point
All Vocals Removed, Backup Singers Remain
So Yesterday
I Heard it Through the Grapevine
I Second That Emotion
Vocal Panned Off Center
I Like It Vocal 30% right
100 Years Vocal 100% right
Vocals Reduced, Some Reverberation Remains
Brown Eyed Girl
Ain't Too Proud To Beg
Songs That Do Not Vocal Reduce (example: groups)
Even the best technologies cannot remove vocals from every song.
Hot Fun in the Summertime
Thank You

Mike Pyne, LRAM, ARCM, LGSM, LTCL, A.Mus.A, Dir. of Music, Australia, April, 2011 "I bought the Thompson VE3 long before I knew MTU existed. It cost me a little over $2,000.00 AU, a substantial outlay! I certainly know how to use all its functions correctly and went to a great deal of trouble to produce the very best audio backing tracks I could. It is a slow and tedious process and when I finally decided it was as good as it could possibly be, I still only had an audio track! The possibility of adding the graphics (lyric) highlighting to the music had never entered my mind until I discovered all of MTU's products.

I can't help but think that LTSound is stuck back in a time warp and has failed to move on into the digital age. Not only is his hardware technology MUCH more expensive, it has ALWAYS increased in price unlike the multitude of computer software alternatives.
When I bought the VE3 there were written promises of software upgrades, but I have never received a single notice or found a single upgrade on their web site.

I have tried LOTS of different vocal elimination gadgets/software etc. They all work with varying degrees of effectiveness, not the least reason depending entirely on the suitability of the original recording. The VE3 and some of the programs are very complicated to use, whereas Vogone produces excellent results with very little effort or expertise if you have a decent sound system and a reasonable set of ears!"


Garry Leslie, UK, MTU.Community Forums wrote: "I decided to upgrade my Vogone. Well I had my socks blown off! I re-did a lot of stuff where I had the vocal almost gone, most are now gone completely, and have done some new stuff, which had been a failure in the past. We all know that there are tunes impossible to remove the vocals, but if anybody has a product that is better than Vogone, they haven't put it on the market. I do a lot of obscure stuff which has never been available on karaoke discs, well it is now. Keep up the good work!"


Orzelw from the MTU.Community Forums wrote: "I got my Vogone free upgrade last night and went to work on a few "mic drown-out" tracks created using the previous version. I had good success at reducing the vocals even further on several. On my "Best of Gerry and the Pacemakers" CD, a collection from various albums, the mixes are... well, mixed. On two of the tracks I had the balance adjustment halfway across the scale from center pan, and the vocals were totally eliminated! I have my work cut out for me now, going back on the troublesome tracks and running them through this new version. The new off-center panning adjustment will save me hours in the future, not having to try hit-and-miss rebalancing in a third-party audio wave editor. I still got improved vocal removal with Vogone 3.004 over the results from my rebalanced wave files."

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